[jcifs] jCIFS and SPNEGO - how?

Matthias Keller matthias.keller at ergon.ch
Tue Jan 20 16:21:04 GMT 2009

Hi John

Yes there is a kerberos-version, but I don't see where I would enable 
SPNEGO there - I find no reference about that and don't see any 'Negot 
iate' strings in the sources.... ?!
the NtlmHttpFilter.java only checks for NTLM and basic auth

Or am I overlooking something?

Thanks for a pointer in the right direction.

btw, what's wrong with NtlmFilter ?



John.Baker at barclayscapital.com wrote:
> Wasn't there a recent patched version of jcifs1.3.x released with 
> Kerberos?  Your only issue there is the broken NtlmFilter, but you 
> could always fix it..
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>     I couldn't get SPNEGO to work in jcifs, but that was a year ago.
>     Instead, I found an open source project hosted by TagLab company.
>     Today I can't find any references to it on their site, from some
>     reason. I can give you the jars I have.
>     On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 3:41 PM, Matthias Keller
>     <matthias.keller at ergon.ch> wrote:
>         Hi
>         I'm looking for a SPNEGO implementation and stumbled over
>         jcifs. At the bottom of the homepage it says
>             The stock jcifs-1.2.13 package has been patched by a third
>             party to support Kerberos 5 / SPNEGO extended security
>             authentication.
>         but I can't really find any clue as of where and how to enable
>         SPNEGO in the filter/servlet provided in the demos?
>         Or do I have to use the (4 year old) jcifs-ext library for this?
>         Thanks for a pointer in the right direction!
>         Matt
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