[jcifs] Attribute "NtlmHttpChal" is declared to be serializable

Oliver Nelson obn at gmx.de
Tue Jan 13 12:24:13 GMT 2009

Dear jCIFS-List,

the following problem is also posted as bug 5960 in samba bugzilla  
since 2008-12 but still without response.

During redeployment of JEE applications which use jCIFS on IBM WebSphere
Application Server the following error occurs:

Miscellaneous data: Attribute "NtlmHttpChal" is declared to be  
serializable but
is found to generate exception "java.io.NotSerializableException" with  
"jcifs.UniAddress". Fix the application so that  the attribute  
is correctly serializable at runtime.

Looking further into the jCIFS sourcecode the class "jcifs.UniAddress"  
indeed the troublemaker. It should be declared transient if it is not
serializable as the code suggests.

Kind regards


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