[jcifs] DFS not working with root links

Yogesh Shukla yshukla at lexmark.com
Mon Feb 9 14:54:23 GMT 2009

I am new to cifs and DFS so it could be that I am not doing something right.
Here is what I see: I have two shares

share1: \\a.b.c\rootShare that points to \\x.y.z\rootShare1
share2: \\d.e.f\docShare\myDoc that points to \\p.q.r\docShare1\myDoc1

Using jcifs I can access DFS share2 i.e. if I try to access
\\d.e.f\docShare\myDoc it redirects requests to \\p.q.r\docShare1\myDoc1

But trying the same thing with share1 fails i.e. \\a.b.c\rootShare does not
redirect requests to \\x.y.z\rootShare1 . I get a NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME
exception. However if I try to do this from a windows explorer or from smbclient
they are able to redirect requests without any issues. The only difference
between the two set-ups is that in share1 the dfs root itself points to a
different share while in share2 a dfs link under the root points to a different

I have tried this out with different jcifs versions including 1.3.3 and all
produce the same result.

I believe there is nothing different that my app needs to do to access a DFS
share. It should be transparent to the app whether it is talking to a simple
windows share or a DFS share.

I am unable to provide network sniffs due to privacy\confidentiality issues. If
any additional information is needed I can try and provide that.

Any help would be appreciated.


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