[jcifs] 1.3.x filter authentication problem

raintrain at gmx.at raintrain at gmx.at
Mon Feb 9 09:45:51 GMT 2009

I have a web application with http filter authentication and standard user/pwd login.

If the user was logged in through the http filter and logs out, it's possible to log in with username and password combination.

For the http filter i have to use the following options:

jcifs.smb.client.useExtendedSecurity=false and 

The problem is, that the user can't login with username/password after the http filter sets the properties!

I can't use 1.3.x to log in with http filter and without!

If the user logs in with username/password, first, then it's possible to log in with the http filter, in a second try.
-> The problem is that the filter comes first!

I tried to set the the lmCompatibility to 3, useExtendedSecurity to true, when the user logs in with username/password, but it had no effect after the http filter authenticates the user.

Because of the static implementation/instantiation of jcifs it's difficult to use the same library with different configurations, in
the same web application/container.

Any workarounds/ideas?
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