[jcifs] Ntlm challenge fails with connection reset on WebSphere6.1

subhash hake subhash.hake at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 06:24:01 MST 2009

WebSphere 6.1 will not support NTLM. To make it work, you need to upgrade to
WebSpere patch


On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 11:02 AM, Asran Deng <asran at apjcorp.com> wrote:

>  Issue:
> I have successfully gotten the 3-step NTLM challenge/response working using
> nothing but the JCIFS NtlmHttpFilter deployed to WebSphere 6.1 if I use
> Firefox as the browser. Similarly, the same filter & servlet work when
> deployed on Tomcat 6.x from either Firefox or IE. But when I try IE6 against
> WebSphere 6.1, IE sends request #1 and request #2 but WebSphere appears to
> close the connection *after* the response to request #2 is sent. I can
> step through it in a debugger and see that request #1 and #2 are both sent
> and processed without any kind of error, but after request #2 leaves the
> filter, the next thing you know, IE is saying "This page can not be
> displayed".
> Everything I've been able to "sniff" shows that the app server is closing
> the connect after the 2nd request.
> Has anyone been able to get NTLM working with IE6/WebSphere 6.1 using
> nothing but the JCIFS HtlmHttpFilter?
> Solution:
> Just to give an update - I upgraded to the latest fix pack of WAS 6.1
> ( and everything is now working.
> So for anyone trying to do NTLM-based SSO using nothing but the JCIFS
> filter, you're going to want to get the latest fix pack of WAS before you
> try it.
> 2009-11-25
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