[jcifs] SmbFile.exist: subnet, connection to domain controller

Jean-Marc Autexier jmau2002 at web.de
Wed Dec 9 04:40:33 MST 2009

> > Hi Jean-Marc,
> >
> > That communication with the DC is for DFS. If you use a fully
> > qualified DNS hostname I think JCIFS will not try to do the DFS root
> > referrals. You should always use a fully qualified DNS hostname anyway
> > to avoid common name service problems. But I'm not sure if that alone
> > will stop JCIFS from trying to do DFS. If this is the case, you can
> > set jcifs.smb.client.dfs.disabled = true in which case JCIFS should
> > not try to perform DFS root referrals.
> >
> >   
> This sounds logical, but why is DFS done for the domain name?
> I'm not sure the full domain name will help as the domain is unknown in
> the network in which my application is running.
> I will try later to disable dfs and update you.

Ok, just tried it (jcifs.smb.client.dfs.disabled = true) and it works. No DFS root referral anymore.

Question: why does jcifs does a DFS root referal by default?

When doing the same with winsock on windows I don't see it (pcap), only direct connection to the server. 

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