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Suvendu_Mohapatra Suvendu_mohapatra at satyam.com
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        I am trying to replay back my Grinder script through network proxy authorization type NTLM. But the Grinder tool does not support NTLM authentication. So every time I am getting response code "proxy authorization 407". So I am trying to write a code by using 3rd party package so that Grinder will support NTLM authentication.

I have tried with some other 3rd party package given in http://www.luigidragone.com/networking/ntlm.html and it works fine to some extent. But the code is failing when my request is going with url tokens.

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Suvendu_Mohapatra wrote:
> Hi,
>         Thank you very much for your reply.
> I have gone through some examples in src package of JCIFS. I got the code for NtlmHttpClient.java file. But the problem is that my proxy server uses NTLM authentication. But in that code how can I pass my proxy information for ntlm authentication.
I am not quite sure that I understand what your problem is, but I have
the impression that you are a bit confused as to what needs to
authenticate to what, and another impression that jCIFS is not going to
help you at all.

Can you try to describe a bit more in detail where what part is running,
which servers are involved, what you are trying to do, and what is not
working as you expected ?

If you are talking about a proxy, then that proxy is between two things.
Between what and what ?

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