[jcifs] So how does JCIFS get the username

Giampaolo Tomassoni Giampaolo at Tomassoni.biz
Thu Apr 23 15:06:55 GMT 2009

> From: Bill Comer
> Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2009 4:55 PM
> Giampaolo,
> You are casting nasturtions at my name !

I actually just added a nickname... :)

> I was not asking so I could hack the system - more is it 
> possible for someone ( more despicable than me) in 
> some way. 
> For instance is it as simple as changing the USERNAME environment

No, come on: it is not that simple...

> but I think the question has been answerred in that IE gets the 
> logged-in Windows userid
> Thx
>!hacker Bill

Ok. Sorry for any nasturtions cast around. I was just joking, of course.


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