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Tue Apr 14 07:17:37 GMT 2009

2009 General Elections: A truly Historic Opportunity

Let us vote for LOK SATTA PARTY; let us 'Whistle' for a change

Corruption, violence, cynicism, family rule, communalism, casteism..this
is what we see in India now thanks to these politicians and their
culture of politics.  Until now we were forced to either vote for these
politicians or not vote at all. We did not have leaders who inspired us,
fulfilled our aspirations and truly served us. 

But now, there is a historic opportunity now to change all this.. 

Lok Satta Party is here to eliminate corrupt politics; bring justice to
everyone; provide opportunities for growth and dignity to everyone.  Led
by Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan it is here to bring in a truly New Political

It is now the citizen's responsibility to vote for Lok Satta Party and
bring clean government that works for development and progress of the

But this will happen only if we utilize the most powerful weapon of

The time to act is now:  let us not miss our vote; let us vote for Lok
Satta Party and vote for change.
Come, participate in the elections and let us vote for Lok Satta Party.
The 2009 election is an opportunity to bring in a truly historic change.
Let us vote and elect leaders who hope to work for you.  

VOTE FOR 'WHISTLE' election symbol


Please note the Polling Dates :

*	First Phase - 16th April 2009 between 7.00 am  - 4. 00 pm.
*	Second Phase - 23rd April 2009 between 7.00 am and 4.00 pm


Did you know? 

All employees are eligible to take a paid leave from their company for
casting their vote. 

 In other words, every citizen has the right to tell their boss that
they are going to vote on the election/bye-election day and they cannot
be denied leave (with pay!) for that period/day.  Don't miss out
private/ITES employees..!

To find out your name in the Electoral Roll or to know your nearest
polling booth/station call 040-40405050 
or visit http://ceoandhra.nic.in/Dist_ac.asp 

Please forward this message to all your friends and relatives and make
sure they do not miss out on the voting day!

For details on the agenda of the Lok Satta Party logon to

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