[jcifs] Problem authenticating at our customer's site

Richard Heath richard.heath at oclc.org
Thu Sep 18 09:14:27 GMT 2008

Michael B Allen wrote:
> This looks like a name service issue. You'll need to figure out if
> WINS is used or only DNS and adjust resolveOrder accordingly and make
> sure the servers DNS can resolve the names supplied in the SMB URL.
> But I'm not really sure what you're trying to do. Are you using the
> NTLM HTTP Filter or are you just trying to access a file on a server
> from a servlet?
> Mike

Thanks for your help.

I've asked our tech guy at the customer's site to try the WINS settings
and resolveOrder.

We're using the NTLM HTTP Filter for a single sign-on mechanism.

I'll post more results as and when I get them.



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