[jcifs] multiple domain problem

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I'd appreciate if you can send me that version. I made that change by
myself, but I'm not happy with the way I did it, and I'd like to see how
you did it.







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I wrote a multi-domain version of the filter.  It's still in "beta", and
it requires a minor change to one of the JCIFS classes to allow it to
work (I sent that request to Michael via the list, and he hasn't replied
at all).


I could package it and release it as soon as I get a chance.



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	Hi Everyone,
	      Which property of jcifs should be used , so that i can
	users from multiple domain to access my web application.
	    So far i am using jcifs.smb.client.domain property where i
	my domain name as value.
	   Now i want to allow users from different domains to access my
web application
	   Also i am using JCIFS NTLM HTTP Authentication filter
	   Any help is truely appreciated

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