[jcifs] Re: Sporadic Authetication Failures for same user

Ravinder Gade r.jcifs at gmail.com
Fri May 23 18:07:44 GMT 2008

resending again as earlier post didn't properly i think..

> Hi Mike and Sr members,
>          We are experiencing some strange issue with jcifs. Could  anyone
> please spare some time
> May be problem with the SMB server policy or the way we have configured the
> JCIFS or any existing  bug (we are using jcifs 1.2.14)
>      Basically we have configured the JCIFS for Intra/Internet J2ee
> Application and depending on the user IP address originated
> we are choosing NTLM or regular form based authentication. This has no
> issues and it works fine for us
> coming to the issue ,,,
>              Sporadically for some users we are seeing authentication
> failures in the production
> For the same NT User, some times authentication succeeds and some times
> fails .
> And the following scenario consistently reproducible in our environment
>              If the user tries to login into our application  first time
> authentication succeeds and immediately if the
> user logs off  and try to relogin ( filter renegotiates)  then we get the
> authentication failure code
> I am unable to figure out
> 111) where could be the problem for sporadic failures for the same login
> and
> 222) for two successaive logins attempts for same user in the same browser
> session or new browser session (one after another) first one succededs and
> second attempt fails
> is this due to any SMB policy setup (which I should be asking my Admin
> guys)  or any issues with the JCIFS
> I would appreciate if anyone could help on the same
> Attached are the SMB logs for success and failures for the same user
> successaive login attempts.
> We have more than 1000 users using the application but enabled for few
> locations and probably around 100 users are using this on trial basis...
> We are using jcifs default configurations (for any time out values etc. )
> Do I need to do any tuning for the time out parameters and what is the best
> way to figure out and elimante sporadic authentication
> failures
> Also what is the best way to load test jcifs which will resemble real
> scenario..
> testing hundreds of users loging in simeltaneuouly (peak time scenario) ?
> Thanks,
> Ravinder
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