[jcifs] What happened to the LsaLookupNames contribution?

Giampaolo Tomassoni Giampaolo at Tomassoni.biz
Thu May 22 15:42:06 GMT 2008

In February 1st I sent a small patch contributing an
LsaLookupNames-equivalent functionality to the jcifs code.

I see that patch wasn't committed: I can't see it in either the package
version 1.2.19, the 1.2.20c one, nor in the http://jcifs.samba.org/src/src/
hierarchy. It isn't even in the "patches" page

Why? Was it suboptimal with respect to some jcifs development guideline?
Would you spare any suggestion to get it merged into the official package?

This way I would not need to be stuck with my own "patched" 1.2.17...

Thank you,

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