[jcifs] Brand New to JCIFS- Need Guidance on approach

John DEsposito johndesp at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 13:12:55 GMT 2008


I am a newbie. I appreciate any guidance.  I have clientside java
implementation that accesses websevers.  I make use of a third party java
http control that allows me to perform http1.1 keep-alive, set headers
freely, set cookies freely, etc.  I want to access a sharepoint system
served up by IIS that uses NTLM authentication.

Can I use the JCIF apis to generate the required authorization headers
required during the Type1 and Type2 conversation?  I would like to make the
initial connection, receive the 401 authorization header then perform the
required Type1 and Type2 conversation.

thanks in advance.

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