[jcifs] jcifs-1.2.22 released / InterruptedIOExceptions, Invalid parameter Exceptions, DFS and more

Michael B Allen miallen at ioplex.com
Thu Jun 26 01:27:19 GMT 2008

The SmbFileInputStream methods will now throw InterruptedIOExceptions where apppropriate whereas previously they would throw SmbExceptions with a root cause of TransportException with a root cause of InterruptedException.

If SmbSession.send() threw an exception it could trigger "Invalid parameter" exceptions on subsequent requests.

An InterruptedException in the NameServiceClient was being caught and ignored. It will now be re-thrown as an IOException so that all threads used with/by JCIFS can be triggered to return immediately.

A jcifs.smb.client.dfs.disabled property has been added to disable domain based DFS so that JCIFS can be configured not to try and fail to resolve paths as domain paths in non-domain environments (e.g. on the local machine).

The getSecurity and getShareSecurity methods will now return null if no DACL is present on a file whereas previously it would return an empty array. This allows the caller to distinguish between an object that has a DACL with no elements and one that has no DACL at all.

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