[jcifs] Re: Advantages of using jcifs library over mod_ntlm module

Shekhar shekharnegi at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 25 14:25:10 GMT 2008

Hello Joe,
I have an issue having active directory integrated with scarab 
.21 on Windows server 2003 Enterprise edition.I want to integrate
 the authentication process on scarab with the active directory i.e.
 the user enters the same credentials as his network username/password 
to log into scarab. I have made the following changes:

1) I included filter in the web.xml as follows

2)Under Xdocs, I changed few values. The changes were as follows:
  a)I changed the 'scarab.login.ntlm.active' default value to "true"
  b)I changed the 'scarab.login.ntlm.domain' default value to
3) I stopped the Tomcat, restarted it.


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