[jcifs] Windows login username required at server end

Abhijit Karpe abhijitk at xpanxion.co.in
Thu Jun 5 12:19:27 GMT 2008



I have a requirement wherein I need the windows login username in my
application on JBoss.

I have been investigating using the JCIFS library but so far whatever I
do, JCIFS tries to authenticate the user with the domain controller.


What I need is not authentication with the domain controller. I just
need access to the username with which the user has logged in to the
windows machine.

My application assumes that if the user has successfully logged in, he
is a valid user.


Can JCIFS help me with my requirement?


If not, does anyone know how I may be able to achieve this? Any help in
this regard is highly appreciated.


Thanking everyone in advance,


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