[jcifs] Radom success and failure with jcifs on active directory

Emmanuel NIRIGE enirige at cergy.itin.fr
Tue Jun 3 12:11:40 GMT 2008


(sorry for my english, it could be very bad)

I have a jcifs on an intranet application

Formerly, this application logged trough jcifs on a NT server, and all works

but now, IT department decidate to migrate to an Active Direcotry Structure,
so I change init-parameters of the filter in my web.xml




so B2B is the new authentification domain, and the ip of the

now the problem is :

when I connect to the intranet, my account works fine most of the time

and the account of my partner fails most of the time, but works some time

the only trace I have is : NtlmHttpFilter: B2B\<partner's account>:
0xC0000022: jcifs.smb.SmbAuthException: Access is denied.

I really do not understand from what can the problem come,

if anybody have an idea....

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