[jcifs] Problems with Attribute-caching after copyTo

Weber, Mirko Mirko.Weber at siltronic.com
Mon Jul 14 15:36:44 GMT 2008


we are using a methode, where we first check if a destination file
exists, then copy from source to destination with the
SmbFile.copyTo-methode and then check again if the destination exists.
In the common case, that destination at the beginning not exists and the
copying works without error (and fast enough) the second call to
destination.exists() gives the wrong answer (false instead of right).

I think the copyTo-method should reset the attrExpiration of the
destination file, like other funktions. Maybe there are also other tasks
in the api with a similar behavior that should reviewt?

Thanks and kind regards,

PS: Please take me cc at answering. I am not subscibt right now. Thanks.

Mirko Weber
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Freiberg
Siltronic AG
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09599 Freiberg, Germany
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mailto:mirko.weber at siltronic.com

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