[jcifs] Losing request parameters if I use HTLMHttpFilter

Swapnil Patil swapnil123patil at gmail.com
Wed Dec 31 15:23:41 GMT 2008

Hi All,

Happy new year in advance (its matter of few hours :))

I am using NTLMHttpFilter.
I have mapped htlmfilter only for single index,jsp . I am getting user
name from session as  session.getAttribute("NtlmHttpAuth");. . I am
putting few values in hidden parameters. then i am submiting paeg to
login.jsp. ( index.jsp ---> login.jsp )On this login.jsp  i am not
able get value of my hidden variables. Even I sets new hidden fileds
on this login.jsp and submit page to thirdpage.jsp ( login.jsp -->
thirdpage.jsp) I am not able to get parameters value of hidden
Does any body has any idea. ?

I found in one the mail list that
response.setStatus(HttpServletResponse.SC_UNAUTHORIZED); After setting
the status of responce I am able to get post on all pages.
I do not know the consequences of this method. And some times even
after setting status of responce I am not able to get values of hidden
variables that make me to restart server.
I have mapped only index.jsp to ntlm filter still i am having problem
on login.jsp.

can anybody help me ?

Server : Tomcat 5.0. On machine

web.xml is as follows

Additional information---

I went through NTLMHttpFilter code.
NtlmPasswordAuthentication negotiate( HttpServletRequest
req,HttpServletResponse resp,boolean skipAuthentication ) ;

@param skipAuthentication If true the negotiation is only done if it is
     * initiated by the client (MSIE post requests after successful NTLM SSP
     * authentication). If false and the user has not been authenticated yet
     * the client will be forced to send an authentication (server sends
     * HttpServletResponse.SC_UNAUTHORIZED).

Does response.setStatus(HttpServletResponse.SC_UNAUTHORIZED) affects
wirking of this api .

Thanks & Regards
Swapnil Patil.

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