[jcifs] Weird behaviour with NTLMHttpFilter

Swapnil Patil swapnil123patil at gmail.com
Wed Dec 31 15:07:18 GMT 2008

I am using NTLMHttpFilter.
Server : Tomcat 5.0. On machine
After starting tomcat if test my application from
in same domain where my apllication is deployed) NTLM works fine.
After this if I test my application from server itself i.e it ask for user name password to connect !
I can login if click url 3 times !.  vice-versa of this is true i.e.
afteer server restart if strat testing from then I
encounter problem at
web.xml is as follows

--- index.jsp
I am getting user name from session.getAttribute("NtlmHttpAuth");. And
then puting that user in request. and then I am submiting page to
I am hiting index.jsp to test my application.
I am newbie in NTLM so this may be as per design behaviour.
Does any know about such behavior ?
Thanks & Regards
Swapnil Patil.

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