[jcifs] No domain controller

Francis LIMOUSY francis.limousy at bsaconseil.com
Mon Apr 28 16:41:53 GMT 2008

As you suggested I modified the NtlmHttpFilter.
But as I don't need any authentication for the moment, I just disabled 
the try/catch block around :

SmbSession.logon( dc, ntlm );

and Tadaaa !

Asaf Mesika a écrit :
> Well, you can modify the code NtlmHttpFilter to create a tomcat 
> Authenticator, which returns true for each log-in.
> Question is: Are you using Tomcat?
> Regarding the Network password dialog - it shouldn't appear at all, if 
> IE or Firefox are properly configured.
> Asaf Mesika
> 2008/4/28 Francis LIMOUSY <francis.limousy at bsaconseil.com 
> <mailto:francis.limousy at bsaconseil.com>>:
>     Hello,
>     I need to authenticate a user in my webapp, fetching his windows
>     username.
>     So in fact I don't need to check if he's correctly logged on the
>     domain; the application runs inside an intranet and I just assume
>     "if you're here, you're authorized".
>     So is there a way to disable credentials checking (and network
>     password dialog displaying) ?
>     In fact you could say I don't even need jcifs here; but the idea
>     is to disable password checking during a test phase, then connect
>     to the domain controller when we'll switch to production.
>     Thanks for your help on this.

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