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Preuss, Jacqueline - ENCOWAY PreussJa at encoway.de
Thu Sep 20 11:39:43 GMT 2007

Hi all!


In our company we use different technologies to combine Java and
Microsoft / .NET world. The scenario is the following:

On the one side, we have a web application running on a java web server
(i.e. Tomcat).  On the other side there is a Microsoft application
running in IE on an IIS server.  We integrated our (java) web
application to this, that means a user opens the browser with the
Microsoft application and there he or she can call our application by
clicking on a link which includes our content via an IFrame. To exchange
(send and receive) data from the Microsoft application to our web
application, we implemented two connectors, a JavaConnector and an
Asp.NetConnector. The Asp.NetConnector can receive and send data from
the Microsoft application via WebServices. So if the user selects
something in our application the JavaConnector is called. This opens an
URLConnection to a special Asp.Net-Site and gets the data from it via
URLConnection->getInputStream().  I hope you understand!


So now, we want to use NTLM authentication, because at the moment, we
use one special user which is always the same, i.e. we created a user on
the server where the Microsoft application is hosted and who is the
standard user for all requests and responses for IIS. The problem is
that we didn't have the context of the real user who is actually logged
in on windows. So we added the NtmlHttpFilter to the web.xml of our
application in Tomcat. If we switch on logging for this filter, we can
see that the user is successfully authenticated. But the problem is now,
how to use this authentication in the JavaConnector. Without NTLM we
created the URLConnection with an empty user name and password because
the Asp.NetConnector uses our standard user. With NTLM, Java should know
the user name and password. How did we realize this? Can you help me? Do
you have any suggestions? Maybe we have errors in reasoning...


Thanks in advance,

Jacqueline Preuss.


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