[jcifs] random blank page

Erwan ALLIAUME ealliaume at cardiweb.com
Thu Sep 13 16:05:06 GMT 2007


I am using an old version of jcifs (1.1.11) for an NTLM authentification 
on an intranet application.
I am running this application under websphere (5.01) in a java 1.3 
environnement  so i can not upgrade my jcifs version.

My problem is that the authentification works only 95 % of the time ...
For unkwown reason, sometimes, when a user try to acces the intranet, he 
got a blank page ... and nothing else.
Afterthat, if the user make a page reload (Control + F5), the intranet 
works well.

Unfortunately, I could not reproduce the problem myself.

Does someone got any idea ?

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