[jcifs] using jcifs with windows 98 share

Michael Krauss mikr2k at yahoo.de
Tue Sep 11 07:27:08 GMT 2007

hi folks,

I got a problem by writing to an windows 98 share. 
I implemented some functions like reading/wriring from/to a smb-share and move files and copy etc.
This implementations working very well by using windows xp or a Samba share for connection to.
if i using my jcifs implementation with a windows 98
share i got in trouble by writing a new file to the share.
I tried different ways 
First just a stream: 
SmbFileOutputStream out = new SmbFileOutputStream("smb://user:pwd@testhost/test/test.ini")
works with winxp but not with win98
SmbFile file = new SmbFile("smb://user:pwd@testhost/test/test.ini")
the same behavior winxp OK

maybe somebody can help me an tell me a the
 reason of this   
behavior. And maybe a hint to get jcifs to work with windows 98 shares.


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