[jcifs] Max number of threads reached

cesar at clazaro1.jazztel.es cesar at clazaro1.jazztel.es
Sun Sep 9 09:52:41 GMT 2007

Hi there,

executing a web application on Tomcat that is using JCIFS libraries I got an
error message saying that the maximun number of threads in Tomcat has been
reached and can not then open more SMB connections. It always happens when the
application has been running for a while and it's trying to open new SMB

It seems the SMB connections are not released properly in my code although I'm
using the same code that is in the examples. When is a SMB connection going to
be closed?. Is there any way to force to close those connections?. BTW, I'm
using kerberos authN.

Thanks, Cesar.

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