[jcifs] Badpwdcount incremented by one while ntlm authentication...

Michael B Allen miallen at ioplex.com
Tue Nov 13 19:47:29 GMT 2007

On Tue, 13 Nov 2007 11:09:25 +0000 (GMT)
alagar raja <alagarraja_btech at yahoo.co.in> wrote:

> Dear Team,
>     Badpwdcount incremented by one while ntlm authentication process in windows 2003 doamin controller.I am using. jcifs-1.2.13 version.Is there any settings have to be done in the client machine or in the domain controller...
> I cann't able to use ntlm authentication bacause of this problem.which leading to the account locked.


AFAIK you cannot stop the badPwdCount from being incremented if the
user enters incorrect credentials. If you are not entering incorrect
credentials then your code must be wrong (or theres some bug in JCIFS
I don't know about).


Michael B Allen
PHP Active Directory SPNEGO SSO

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