[jcifs] Davenport and Tomcat

Alexey Lobanov A.Lobanov at cro-rct.com
Thu Nov 8 11:05:58 GMT 2007

Hello all.

I am trying to run the current Davenport (0.9.11) in Tomcat environment
- and it just does not work. I see webapps/davenport directory listing
instead of working Webdav.

Can anyone point me to a working Davenport deployment procedure for
Tomcat 5? The Davenport docs just say that it is "extensively used under
Tomcat". Without any details.

In Jetty everything works fine for me, both standalone and via
Apache/ajp13. But I need to run other ajp13 services and do not want to
move all them from Tomcat to Jetty even if it is possible.


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