[jcifs] Not getting remote username

vardhaman narasagoudar vardhamanbn at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 08:22:38 GMT 2007


      I am trying for windows authentication for this I have
downloaded jcifs.jar 1.1.11 and placed it in lib folder of the
application and modified the code in web.xml as givien in the site of
jcifs.samba , Developing a application in JSP/Struts + Tomcat 5.5. The
application has been placed on windows 2003 server, But when I am
trying to run the application  from my work station that is xp I am
getting a pop-up window which ask for username and password . If I try
entering my system name and password ...the application is not
allowing me to access the application. But if I enter server system
username and password I am able to access the application.

      But my requirement is such that I should be able to get the
remote system username so that I can check with database and
authenticate.How can I achieve this?

In web.xml file I have added this line please help me out

<param-value>1Server IP address</param-value>

Thanks & Regards
Vardhaman B.N

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