[jcifs] Http sendRedirect fails after an form submit with post method set.

Frederik Heick heick at tdc.dk
Fri May 11 13:48:23 GMT 2007


Previous Setup
   Weblogic 8.1sp5
   Java 1.4.2
   Jcifs 1.2.13

New Setup:
   Weblogic 9.2
   Java 1.5_05
   Jcifs 1.2.13

It didnt work after upgrade (above)

>From a jsp page A we do a submit (POST) to jsp page B.
Jsp page B then read the post parameters (works fine), then do stuff, and then 
makes a sendRedirect to jsp page C. This last sendRedirects fails with a page 
not found.

The last entry in the access.log is a 401(Auth) not a 302(redirect)

It work before on an WL8.1.

We found out if set the submit method to GET, then it all works.
The sendRedirect do not work with jCifs and Post on the new setup.

We have tried several things.
   - Using requestDispatcher instead
   - Using absolute URLS
   - Switching different version of Jcifs.

Any ideas ???

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