[jcifs] Too many authentication for the same user in a valid session

Marcio Lima marcio.lima at dataeasy.com.br
Mon May 7 20:24:34 GMT 2007


I have a web application that make use of JCIFS, and looking in the log file i realized that the users are authenticated more than once. That users was Previously authenticated by jcifs. The re-authentication occur when the user open or reload some JSP's or execute some servlet. Sometimes the authentication occur three or four times in the same second for the same user.
I thought the authentication occur just once for valid session and the filter does`t authenticated again a user previously authenticated.

Is this a normal situation? 

I`m using apache/tomcat, JDK 1.4.10, Struts, JCIFS 1.2.13

Thank you.

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