[jcifs] Question About NTLMv2 Session Security

tetsu.soh at nts.ricoh.co.jp tetsu.soh at nts.ricoh.co.jp
Fri Jul 27 03:24:39 GMT 2007

Hi everyone,
I have a question on NTLMv2 Session Security and need your help.

I am confused about the NTLMv2 Session Security VS LmCompatibilityLevel.
Refer to Microsoft document,
"LmCompatibilityLevel value of 0: Send LAN Manager (LM) response and NTLM
response; never use NTLM version 2 (NTLMv2) session security. "
I should never use NTLMv2 Session security.

But another document, http://davenport.sourceforge.net/ntlm.html, told me
that NTLM2 session response can be used in Levels 0, 1, and 2.

So, which one I should follow?

BTW, I am trying to implement GSS-SPNEGO/NTLM auth mechanism for Java JNDI
in order to access Window AD.

Thanks in advance.

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