[jcifs] jcifs-1.2.13 released / Share ACLs, DFS Fixes and NoRouteToHostException Fallback / dfs test2

Thomas Bley thomas.bley at simple-groupware.de
Mon Jan 29 02:24:12 GMT 2007


just tried the new release, here are my results:
When I try to access a dfs share and a normal share I get an end of
stream error.

here are the results from log.smbd (so maybe still the problem with 
"server signing = mandatory" or the equivalent in w2k3):

[2007/01/23 17:13:50, 1] smbd/service.c:make_connection_snum(642) ( signed connect to service dfs initially as 
user administrator (uid=1000, gid=100) (pid 3261)
[2007/01/23 17:13:50, 0] 
   srv_check_incoming_message: BAD SIG: seq 8 wanted SMB signature of
[2007/01/23 17:13:50, 0] 
   srv_check_incoming_message: BAD SIG: seq 8 got SMB signature of
[2007/01/23 17:13:50, 0] 
   srv_check_incoming_message: out of seq. seq num 10 matches. We were 
expecting seq 8
[2007/01/23 17:13:50, 0] libsmb/smb_signing.c:signing_good(240)
   signing_good: BAD SIG: seq 8
[2007/01/23 17:13:50, 0] lib/util_sock.c:receive_smb(619)
   receive_smb: SMB Signature verification failed on incoming packet!
[2007/01/23 17:13:50, 1] smbd/service.c:close_cnum(830) ( closed connection to service dfs
[2007/01/23 17:14:54, 0] smbd/server.c:main(798)

however, when I disable server signing, it works without any problems.

here is my code:

    public static NtlmPasswordAuthentication ntlm = new

    public static void queryPath(String path) throws Exception {
        System.out.println("Query url "+path);
        SmbFile file0 = new SmbFile( path, ntlm );
//      System.out.println("resolves to "+file0.getDfsPath());
        SmbFile[] files0 = file0.listFiles();
        for( int i = 0; i < files0.length; i++ ) {
            System.out.print( " " + files0[i].getName()+"#\n" );

    public static void main( String[] argv ) throws Exception {


my setup: is a Samba server with as dfs-root and
share1 pointing to a share on a winxp system (\temp)\test1 is a normal share on the samba server.

the output:
- too long for the mailing list


Michael B Allen wrote:
> A new SmbFile.getShareSecurity() method that uses a new
> MsrpcShareGetInfo/ShareInfo502 RPC has been added. This will return the
> ACL for a share as opposed to the ACL for the directory shared. See the
> API documentation for details. Several DFS issues have been identified
> and fixed. If JCIFS receives a NoRouteToHostException on port 445 it
> will now try to fallback to port 139. This code has been tested fairly
> well already. There have been no changes since b4.
> The JCIFS Team would like to thank MetaCarta, Inc. for supporting this
> work. MetaCarta, Inc., a provider of geographic intelligence solutions,
> offers users map-driven geographic search, geographic referencing,
> and data visualization capabilities.

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