[jcifs] NTML and dynamic domain controller

eliboni at gmail.com enrico.liboni at virgilio.it
Sun Aug 26 17:49:36 GMT 2007

 I've been looking through the mailing list and tried this for 
days... pls. help!

I'd need NTML authentication in a web application, 
but I do not want to specify any static IP address or domain name in 
the web.xml: I would like to store jcifs.http.domainController value in 
a props file, set the value via System.setProperties() when the web 
application fires up (i.e. setting it from a servlet that is invoked at 

But it does not work, the filter is complaining about:
jcifs.smb.SmbException: A domain was not specified
if the jcifs.http.
domainController params is not in the web.xml.
While if I specify it in 
the web.xml I can't override the value...

I'm using jcifs 1.2.17


Thanks in advance,

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