[jcifs] authentication not working

Torben Wölm torben.wolm at LEGO.com
Sat Aug 25 08:11:53 GMT 2007

Hi Ashok

I meant that the library in the meantime is up to version 1.2.17 and you are still using 1.1.11...

When connecting from the laptops -- do you always only get a "SmbComTreeDisconnect" message?

I don't think the problem lies with JCIFS -- then it wouldn't work for the regular users either.

Some things to try out:

1) Have one of the laptop users logon a regular PC, and see if they can connect to the application. 

   This is to see if it is something with the account.

2) Try to disable the autologon feature in Internet Explorer
(Tools->Internet Options->Security->Custom Level -- at the bottom locate "Logon" and set to "Prompt for username and password")

   This is to see if the users have connected to the server that hosts Tomcat earlier and maybe checked of "Remember password".

3) Make a "tracert <server>" on a commandline on both regular PC and laptop

   To see if the network paths are different (firewalls/routers/proxies)

If this doesn't give any clues I would still try to run Ethereal at the server to see what the difference is between the communication between a regular PC and a laptop...

Some other useful info you could provide:

 - Windows version (incl. ServicePacks) of the server running Tomcat

 - Windows version (incl. SPs) of the domain controller

 - Windows version (incl. SPs) on laptops

 - Windows version (incl. SPs) on regular PC's.

 - Internet Explorer versions (incl. SPs) on laptop 

 - Internet Explorer versions (incl. SPs) on regular PC's.


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