[jcifs] Problem with pre-auth

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> Hi 
> I am using jcifs 1.2.13 and using pre-auth to support our 
> win2k3 Active
> Directory systems. It is now working with win2k3 AD servers but this
> introduced a new problem to us.
> My filter configuration is provided below. If one of our AD 
> servers goes
> down, the whole system becomes unavailable because my SYSTEM_MAIN_USER
> authentication keep timing out. I am assuming that JCIFS 
> somehow caching
> the IP address of AD server and keep trying to connect the 
> same server,
> even if it times out. 

Would it be an option to drop the "jcifs.http.domainController" setting, and set "jcifs.http.loadBalance" to "true" instead? That should make JCIFS look up all available domain controllers for your domain and cycle through them...

Kind regards

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