[jcifs] jcifs-1.2.14 released / SID.getGroupMemberSids() and the SAMR Interface

Ravi_Varanasi at Countrywide.Com Ravi_Varanasi at Countrywide.Com
Mon Aug 6 15:29:34 GMT 2007

Disclaimer : new to jcifs.
I have a requirement for validating users under a particular group. Should
i be looking at the SID.getGroupMemberSids() ? Some example illustrating
how to use the api would be helpful,

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A new SID.getGroupMemberSids() method has been added that will return
the local group membership of SID (aka it's aliases). The SAMR interface
has been added to the dcerpc code with the SamrEnumerateAliasesInDomain
RPC and numerous other calls necessary to negotiate the various handles.

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