[jcifs] Unpredictable Logon-problem using JCIFS with NTLM

Frederik BM abrfbe at almbrand.dk
Thu Apr 19 12:32:28 GMT 2007


We are using JCIFS-1.2.10.jar with standard NTLM in a java webapplication. 
JCIFS is configured with default settings except the domain. 
When the application runs on mobile laptops (over GPRS by antenna), the user is 
sometimes prompted by a popup to log on again during the use of the 
application. After logon the user continues with his session. It happens 
approximatly once every 5 hours (of normal use) when the application runs 
mobile, and it never happens, when the application runs on LAN. The window-
title on the logon-popup is something like "Establish connection to 
JCIFS2_75_78 on ALM", where "ALM" is the domain.

The users are running on WinXP-SP2 and browser IE6.0.

What is wrong and is there a solution???

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