[jcifs] Active Directory Integrated DFS support?

darren.taft at bt.com darren.taft at bt.com
Tue Sep 19 16:12:37 GMT 2006

After struggling for 2 days to find why my code hasn't been working,
I've just found this comment in the archives

>> I've the same problem (with jCIFS 0.8.x, 0.9.5, 0.9.7) and I think
>> cannot access to DFS which is Active Directory integrated. If you
>> the server in the DFS URL (e.g. smb://host.domain/dfsshare/) jCIFS
>> access to DFS on this server but if you specify only the
>> (e.g. smb://dfsroot/dfsshare/) then jCIFS have to read the DFS
>> from the Active Directory... (and not wins).
>> Is it possible to add AD-integrated DFS support in jCIFS?
> Probably. But I have little knowledge necessary to even plan such a

This was in August 2004.  Can anyone tell me whether this has been
sorted yet?  Or whether there are any plans to fix it?

I'm showing all the same symptoms as the above comment (and thread).  So
if it has been fixed/implemented, does anyone have any idea on why it
could be failing for me now?  I'm not sure what else information I can
provide at this point, so feel free to ask for anything relevant.


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