[jcifs] bug accessing win2003 server dfs

aschlett at web.de aschlett at web.de
Fri Sep 1 07:27:02 GMT 2006

The missing trailing slash in the path after a dfs referral made me change SmbFile.java's getDfcUncPath0() to this:

    String getDfsUncPath0() throws SmbException {
        if( dfsReferral == null ) {
            return null;
        // BUGFIX: adding slash
        String dunc = dfsReferral.nodepath + unc.substring( dfsReferral.path.length() ) + "\\";
        //return "".equals( dunc ) ? "\\" : dunc;
        return dunc;

I found this problem on the list, but it wasn't considered a major bug and no fix was provided. 
For me this fix works very well, don't know if it affects other though, just wanted to share it.
If it'S a real bug, it would be nice if a fix would be part of the next version...

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