[jcifs] Question about listFiles[] when used to list shares

Karl Wright kwright at metacarta.com
Tue Oct 31 19:09:11 GMT 2006

Hi Mr. Allen,

My name is Karl Wright.  I'm using the 1.2.9 jcifs library to access 
windows and samba shares in order to pull content into a search engine. 
  However, I'm having some difficulty and I was wondering if you had any 
suggestions.  Specifically, when I use SmbFile.listFiles() to get a list 
of the available shares, I don't see all of them, if there are a lot. 
For the case I am trying here, I see all but two.  This is borne out by 
the response packet, which I've printed out here:

Response was: 

Note that the totalAvailableEntries field is correct (56), but the 
entriesReturned is too small (54).  How would I retrieve *all* the share 
names?  It looks to me like the maxDataCount field might set an upper 
bound on the amount of data that can be retrieved in one call to the 
server - is there any way to request more, either by increasing that 
amount, or by making more requests?


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