AW: [jcifs] A user authenticates successfully, but then I get a SocketTimeoutException: Receive timed out?

Waldheim, Frank F.Waldheim at
Tue Oct 31 13:33:19 GMT 2006

hi there, 

the receive timeout is normal behaviour as discussed earlier.

> Plus, when I try to write out the user information in my JSP 
> page, I return a null value:
> <%
> out.println(MessageFormat.format("{0} successfully logged 
> in", request.getRemoteUser())); %>

that again has nothing to do with the jcifs library.
the authentication process taking place in the filter 
has nothing to do with an authentication against the container
(JAAS) which should 'fill' the remoteUser property. 
the fact that remoteuser is injected via
the jcifs servletrequest class may not be enough and is somewhat

try to find something about JAAS,LoginModule,TAI,SecurityProvider or
similar in the docs of your container and try to assert the information
gained during jcifs-logon.


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