[jcifs] How to get jCIFS to always prompt for username and passw ord?

Greg Schroder SchroderG at teldir.co.za
Mon Oct 30 09:22:52 GMT 2006


We have been experiencing similar problems to another members posting, where
ntlm authentication only works for one user at a time. Every other user then
gets a login popup after that, where no login succeeds. This started
occuring on our one server, after not being able to figure out the cause, we
moved our page to another server. It worked fine for nearly a month, until
it started the same problem. They are Windows 2003 servers, and we have
tried specifying a specific domain, user and password to contract the domain
controller with. Previously we used WINS but we are not using it any longer.
If anyone has solved this problem please tell me how? We've looked at the
accounts on the domain controller etc. and cannot see the problem. Our
support team say nothing has changed on the server or it's account before
the problems started.

Any help appreciated.

Greg Schroder

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