[jcifs] Re: HTTP Filter Kerberos

Morten Sabroe Mortensen momor at tdc.dk
Wed Oct 25 12:23:28 GMT 2006

Daniel Hakenjos <daniel.hakenjos <at> guidecom.de> writes:

> Hello,
> I read that you support Kerberos Authentication.
> What's about the HTTP Filter?
> Is a Kerberos Authentication Support for the HTTP Filter planned?
> Thx, Daniel

I noticed this too - and I am also very much interested in the answers.

The existing combination of HTTP NTLM and SMB supports Single SignOn with 
Internet Explorer - with the present NtlmHttpFilter. I kind of expect, that 
NTLM and Kerberos one-way hashes responses in different ways and can not be 
used together, but... well...

Anyone know if there are any possibilities for using Kerberos against Windows 
*and* maintain Single SignOn functionality as is already operational with HTTP 

Morten Sabroe Mortensen

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