[jcifs] Using jCIFS across sub-net boundaries?

Morten Sabroe Mortensen momor at tdc.dk
Tue Oct 24 16:15:46 GMT 2006

How do I set up jCIFS - or more specifically the NtlmHttpFilter - to work 
across sub-nets? - Disregarding the NTML handshake, that is -

Scenario #1:
Testing on a single subnet - the "main" subnet - with both the web-app and the 
WINS server on the same network, all is well. In this case, this configuration 
of the filter works well:




Scenario #2:
The "production" setup og mine is distributed across a "main" subnet and 
a "tech" subnet with a strict firewall in between. In this case the web-app 
must run on the "tech" subnet, while the user browser and the WINS/NBNS server 
is located on the "main" subnet. Access from the browser to the web-app 
through HTTP is no problem at all - including the regular HTTP NTLM handshake -
 but the connection from the NtlmHttpFilter through the firewall from 
the "tech" subnet to the "main" subnet containing the WINS/NBNS server 
requires... some openings in the firewall.

What do I open in the firewall to allow the NtlmHttpFilter to talk to the 

Can the connection be tested from a Linux shell on a machine in the "tech" 
subnet with one of the commandline tools in the Samba package?

How do I configure this for the NtlmHttpFilter to connect?

Morten Sabroe Mortensen

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