[jcifs] Re: domain suffix

Ying yhe at devonit.com
Fri Oct 20 14:10:00 GMT 2006

Eric Glass <eric.glass <at> gmail.com> writes:

thank you for all the replies. the issue i have is : i need to find out all the
global catalog servers after my Linux machine is plugged into the network
without knowing any network ips.

So my solution so far is using: jcifs to find all the domains in the network
neighborhood, then use "dig -t srv _gc._tcp.<domain>" to find any global catalog
server if any. The issue i have so far is jcifs will find all the domains for me
but without domain suffix so i cannot know a domain called "domainA" is
domainA.com or domainA.net or domainA.org, etc. without the domain suffix i
cannot use dig to detect the global catalog server. 

this issue is important to me. I will appreciate all the help if you know any
workaround. thanks a lot.


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