[jcifs] Problems with SmbFile.copyTo()

aschlett at web.de aschlett at web.de
Tue Oct 10 15:11:11 GMT 2006

another problem: 
I'm copying a file using copyTo() and delete it after. If on the target directory access is denied, I don't get an exception,
but the following delete call fails because the source file is still open. I looked at SmbFile.java and found that
copyTo0() has a big try-catch block catching all exceptions, printing them (only in debug mode!) and not closing the source file.
I think this part is just a big bug, file is not closed, caller doesn't get any information etc.
Did anyone work on this already? Is this intended behavior? I don't have deep enough knowledge of JCifs to offer a patch,
but I will change the code for our project to avoid all this.
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