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Kevin Tapperson kevin at tapperson.net
Tue Oct 10 13:49:34 GMT 2006

Assuming that you're talking about the NTLMHttpFilter, then yes.  The NTLM
type 1 message sent by the client browser contains the workstation domain.
Custom logic can be implemented on the server side to select an appropriate
domain controller to authenticate against based on the provided workstation
domain.  The user that is actually logged into the PC could be from another
domain, but in order for that user to be logged into that workstation, a
trust relationship must exist between the user's domain and the
workstation's domain.

In order to achieve this, you would need to customize portions of the
NTLMHttpFilter to parse the NTLM type 1 message and select an appropriate
domain controller based on the proivded workstation domain.  This could be
as simple as doing an SMB domain lookup for the provided workstation
domain.  You would then use that domain controller for the remainder of the
authentication process with that client.

Kevin Tapperson
kevin at tapperson.net

On 10/10/06, alexander.wiltschek at bawagpsk.com <
alexander.wiltschek at bawagpsk.com> wrote:
> is it possible to implement one instance of jccifs which provides more
> than one
> domain.
> between this domains there is no trust established and this is not
> necessary.
> but the configurationfile from jcifs also doesn't support multidomain's.
> can you help me or have a change in a later version of jcifs to provide
> multiple
> domains
> in one configuration file.
> thanks
> alex
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