[jcifs] jCIFS NetworkExplorer example

Jonathon Simon jsimon at ud.com
Thu Oct 5 14:45:57 GMT 2006


Thanks very much!

That was it.  However, now I am being prompted for a user id and password, which is fine.  But when I enter a valid userid/password combination, it doesn't take.  Instead, the logon dialog box just keeps popping back up...

The local administrator credentials don't even seem to work.  I even tried prefixing the administrator id with the name of my workgroup (i.e.  WORKGROUP\administrator), but that doesn't work either.  The dialog box pops right back up.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your time.

Kindest regards,

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> And if I use http://localhost:8080/sollerasa/common/NetworkExplorer/ <http://localhost:8080/sollerasa/common/NetworkExplorer/>  (trailing slash) with the "stock" code above, I get:
> HTTP Status 404 - The requested resource (/sollerasa/common/NetworkExplorer/) is not available.

What does your web.xml look like?

Sounds like your servlet-mapping is wrong. It should look something like
the below:




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