[jcifs] KerberosAuthExample (Signature verification failed)

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Tue Nov 21 16:38:44 GMT 2006

On Tue, 21 Nov 2006 14:13:06 +1100
Clive Brettingham-Moore <jcifs at brettingham-moore.net> wrote:

> Found some discussion of this on this list back in October (
> http://lists.samba.org/archive/jcifs/2006-October/006577.html). I've had
> the same issue using the current library (jcifs-krb5-1.2.9.jar) to
> connect to windows 2003 server.

Note that the cited thread was completely incorrect about jcifs-krb5
not supporting signatures - it DOES support signatures (but I see you
know this becasue you see sigatures working if signingPreferred is true).

So is this problem specific to the jcifs-krb5 package? Does the regular
stock jcifs package have this problem? If the problem is specific to
jcifs-krb5 then look at the logic behind both and figure out where the
bug is.

Note the jcifs-krb5 package is experimental and is not supported. I
barely have enough time for the stock package.

For now, just set signingPreferred = true and be happy.

But thanks for the feedback. We need it if there is any hope of
integrating the krb5 functionality.


Michael B Allen
PHP Active Directory SSO

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